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Angel Mannion is the co-creator and project manager of San Diego Opera's Opera Hack. He is also a professional baritone and choral conductor.

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San Diego Opera
San Diego, CA
Project Manager


Funded by an Opera America Innovation Grant, Opera Hack aims to discover new ways for technology like Virtual Reality, AI & Machine Learning, 3D Printing, and Sound Design to be used within the building blocks of opera in order to make the theater industry more exciting, more affordable, and more environmentally sustainable. Duties include: grant management, industry research, recruiting advisors, and executing collaborative hackathons for experts in theater and technology.
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San Diego Opera Project Manager

About Angel

Angel Mannion splits his time onstage and behind-the-scenes working on community music projects. After studying music at San Diego State University, Angel founded Folklore Guild to bring high school, college, and professional singers together to record music for video game and television soundtracks. Folklore Guild may be heard on Chef's Table (Netflix) and Lamplight City (Grundislav Games). In 2018 and 2020, Angel successfully proposed and acquired two (2) $150,000 OPERA America Innovation Grants (via the Anne and Gordon Getty Foundation), funding San Diego Opera’s Opera Hack project and securing Microsoft Corporation as a lead sponsor. As a baritone and conductor, Angel frequently performs with professional choirs, symphonies, recording studios, and churches in San Diego and Los Angeles.

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